1000IU Gray Top HGH 191AA – 10iu/vial (3,3mg)

We do sell original Gray top HGH 191AA – 10iu/vial (3,3mg)



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Buy 1000 IU Gray top HGH 191AA – 10iu/vial (3,3mg)

We offer high demand 1000 I.U Gray top HGH 191aa – 10 iu/vial (3,3mg) at competitive prices

1000 I.U Gray top HGH 191aa – 10 iu/vial (3,3mg)

Supplier: Europe Generics manufacturer
Chemical Name:Somatropinum
Comes In: 10IU vial(3.3mg)
Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily
Active time: Varies by injection method
Class:Growth Hormone

EXP. DATE February 2018

HGH Serum test average result : 10 iu ( 20ng/ml-25ng/ml )

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