1oz OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain, Grade AAA

1oz OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain, Grade AAA

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Buy OG Kush Marijuana Strain in USA

Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: OG Kush is the only sativa dominant Kush.

Looks: Almost a light lime green with some orange. Looks as if it is coated in powder sugar.

Smell: Attacks your nose with skunk, then into a sweet earthy smell.

Taste: Very light taste. I vaporized it in a Volcano and it was quite nice.

Effects: A few hits into the first bag and my head was already starting to feel heavy. This is a night time smoke. Very strong couch lock effect. I couldn’t even walk straight. I was roaring high for around 4 hours and continued to feel pretty high for the rest of the night. This is the best smoke I’ve ever had.

Potency: 10/10 Extremely High

Good Strain For: Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain.

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