Potassium Cyanide (KCN) x 100gr, 99.8% Pure

We have Potassium Cyanide (KCN) at 99.8% Purity readily available



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We manufacture Potassium Cyanide which is a colorless crystalline compound, used in jewelry for chemical gilding and buffing. Potassium cyanide is offered in powder or cylindrical tablet each tablets weighing 100 gms. Our range is packed in 50,55, 95 Kgs. net in.

Specifications : 
Color : white
Specific gravity at 20 deg. c : 1.5200
Solubility (gm/100 gm) at 20 deg. c: 63.0 at 35 deg. c : 71.6
Bulk density : 680 720 kg/m3.
Potassium cyanide (kcn) : 98% min. (typically 99%)
Potassium hydroxide (koh) : 0.5% max
Potassium carbonate (k2co3) : 0.3% max
Potassium formate (hcook) : 0.5% max
Potassium chloride as cl : 0.05% max
Water (h2o) : 0.2% max
Water insolubles : 0.05% max
Polyethylene bags placed in M.S Drum

We offer to our clients superior range of Sodium/Potassium cyanide which is known for its effectiveness in varied industrial applications and are available in both powder & tablets forms. Our well developed packaging facilities enable us to offer them in drum and wooden boxes.

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