SP Sustanon


Manufacturer: SP Laboratories, Europe
Substance: Testosterone Blend
Package: 10 mL vial (250 mg/mL)
Common Name(s): Sustanon, Andropen, Sustabol, Sustamed, Omnadren, Sustaxyl, Supertest



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SP Sustanon is a perfect blend of four Testosterone compounds. The five different Testosterone esters provide for different half lives. Esterization of the Testosterone molecules provides for a sustained (but non-linear) release of Testosterone from the injection depot into the blood plasma.

While the intention of the mixed Testosterone esters in SP Sustanon is to provide more stable serum Testosterone levels, the long-ester Testosterones, such as Testosterone Isocaproateor Testosterone Decanoate, provide more stable serum Testosterone levels. SP Sustanon is the most popular testosterone blend product among those that use anabolic steroids for muscle building purposes.

Each SP Sustanon 10ml Vial contains:

  • 30 mg/ml Testosterone Propionate
  • 60 mg/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 60 mg/ml Testosterone Isocaproate
  • 100 mg/ml Testosterone Decanoate
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