Testosterona C


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Europe
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Package: 10 amps x 1 mL amp (200 mg/mL)
Common Name(s): Andro Cyp, Andronaq LA, Andronate, Dep Andro, Dep Test, Deposteron, Depostomead, Depotest, Depo-Testosterone, Depovirin, Durandro, Duratest, Jectatest, Malogen CYP, Pertestis, Testa-C, Testadiate Depo, Testex Elmu Prolongatum, Testoject LA, Virilon



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Testosterona C, injectable anabolic steroid contains Testosterone Cypionate which is an oil-based form of testosterone. The drug has strong androgenic and anabolic effects. Tetsosterona C offers athletes and bodybuilders effective muscle gain and strength. It has a low rate of release into the body and can stay active in the organism for about 2-3 weeks. The drug is considered the basic steroid to most all cycles.

Testosterone C produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals offers dramatic gain in muscle size and strength and an overall sense of well being and sex drive increase. It provides water retention and aromatizes quite easily. In order to improve muscle mass gain bodybuilders stack Testosterona C with drugs like AnadrolDeca or Equipoise, for higher quality muscles, it should be stack with Trenbolone and to combat the water retention with Nolvadex.

Average Dosage: men 250-1000 mg per week, women – small dosages or recommended to avoid. For male bodybuilder’s cycle duration with Testosterona C would be from 8-20 weeks, depending of course on the goals of the athlete.

Side effects: the growth of breast tissue in men, testicular shrinkage and an increase in blood pressure, fat gain, loss of sex drive, hair loss and pain in the nipples.

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